Video Testimonials are Powerful Tools

A referral from a customer is one of your most powerful assets. When a customer becomes your advocate, they become part of your "sales force" and help spread the positive experience to others. Word of mouth is now digital.

Healing a Torn Rotator Cuff

Dr. Christopher Rogers helped PGA Champions Tour golfer Tom Pernice, Jr. heal from a torn rotator cuff injury without surgery. How did he do it? Regenerative Medicine protocols using Stem Cells derived from Tom's own adipose tissue.

Was TechCon a Success?

Watch responses from both faculty and attendees and you'll see for yourself. This is going to be one of San Diego's premier innovation conferences for years to come.

Cloudforia Salesforce Expertise

Q Cells is one of the worlds largest makers of solar panels for both commercial and residential customers. This video explains why they went to Cloudforia for their Salesforce integration, and whey they are excited to continue the partnership.

Success Proven Over Time

If ever there was a "best kept secret" in North County's educational landscape, it might be the Encinitas Learning Center. Lynda Detweiler-Newcomb has helped literally thousands of children improve their learning abilities. This video captures some evident first hand.

Marcy Browe Photography #1

I worked with several of Marcy's customers to help them explain their experience, detailing all of the positive attributes of Marcy's approach. These are always unscripted for authenticity and enthusiastic spontaneity. We used two camera angles here for additional interest.

EHF Pilates, Carlsbad

A husband and wife tell their personal experience working with Natalie Walker, owner of EHF Pilates in Carlsbad, California. The magic was seeing how we became comfortable as the shoot progressed. What started as "I don't like to be on camera" morphed into a very pleasant and easy conversation. Cute couple!

Medical Conference Exhibitor Success

A short video capturing complete satisfaction from one exhibitor at a local Regenerative Medicine Conference held at UCSD. Ryan Video recorded all 3 auditoriums, as well as produced a series of testimonial videos to promote next year's conference.

Marcy Browe Photography #2

Sara Clark-Williams is a business coach and founder of Fab Fempreneurs. Marcy's keep eye for branding helped her create the fresh and professional looks required to reflect her personality and passion for life. 

Never Stop Learning

A happy customer speaks his mind about brain-training with Linda Detweiler-Newcomb at Encinitas Learning Center.

Marcy Browe Photography #3

One more from Marcy's video session. We did all of these in just one morning! Julie didn't like being on camera. Yet, her courage and commitment to showing her art and her spirit come through in this touching testimonial. She obviously loves Marcy both professionally and personally. 

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