Speakers Reels and highlights

Speakers Reel: Simone Talarico-Ross

A talented trainer and speaker on all things digital, especially social media. This high-energy reel pulled from existing content collected over time, as well as new videography we recorded at a local Hera Hub meeting for professional women. 

Speaker Reel: Miki Jo Resto

Sometimes, YOU are the brand, and your ideas and inspirational programs are the products you wish to sell (or tell). This is a speaker reel created for one such client: Miki Jo Resto, a business and health coach who speaks to groups and inspires health and success.

An Epic Commencement

One of the most inspiring Commencement Speeches if witnessed, Teryell SImmons is an up-and-coming talent in the world of leadership in San Diego's fast-growing tech hub community. Here he speaks to graduates at C.I.T. (California Technical Institute).