Let's Get Social!

Social Media marketing and video requires a unique approach. STOP THE SCROLL and catch people's eye in a compelling, easy to understand way. You only have 3-5 seconds to get their attention, and once you have it, you have to KEEP it. Here are some examples of campaigns that were successful doing just that!

SQUARE FORMAT (Facebook, instagram)

Cats: Irresistible

This uber-cute video was created to help build awareness of Cat & Craft, a new Cat Cafe with a Coffee Shop on one side, and an adoptable (and adorable) Cat Lounge on the other.

Education and Changing Attitudes

This highly targeted campaign was directed to doctors and plastic surgeons who have not yet heard of a new method for making the Breast Implant and Breast Enhancement procedure much more natural and effective for patients. 

A Few More Cats

Another video for Cat & Craft, this one with a call-to action for conversion and redemption. 

Landscape Style (Web & YouTube)

Music Festival Awareness

This promo was used across multiple Social Media Platforms, but the Landscape format made it perfect for YouTube and full-screen mobile devices.