High-end Real Estate deserves special treatment; more than simply a slide show of still images. Buying and Selling involves EMOTION. Homes can tell a story, and video can capture that drama. Here, we have communicated each home's special attributes with emotion and evocative copy and imagery.  

Long Form Documentary Style video

This property deserved a compelling storyline, and it was told by the ultimate story teller: The Builder! 

This documentary style long-form video helps viewers fully appreciate the labor of love that is build-in to this stunning property. A moving and emotional video - if you watch it to the end. 

Short Form Listing Video

Stunning aerial views and a personal storyline help tell the narrative of this unique property in a highly prized community. Some of the best views in all of North County San Diego are on full display. 

2317 Via Cascabel

Landing Page with video

When just a video isn't enough

This landing page was created specifically for the purpose of hosting all of the videos and content needed to fully promote a spectacular property. 

Most Real Estate listings are simply data, photos, and perhaps a virtural tour that may include a slide show with music (usually still pictures put in sequence with zoom effects), or perhaps a 360 degree camera with fisheye distortion. Where's the story?

When a property has as many unique features as this one, it requires the attention to detail that the homebuilder himself put into the home. Here, Louis Shapiro takes us on a very personal journey and allows us to tour the home in a way that very few listings can allow. 

Special properties deserve special promotional treatment. Landing pages such as this are one way to accomplish that.

Short Form Listing Video #2

A shorter version of the Long-Form Documentary style video, this is a scripted video focused on selling the unique features with a compelling narrative.

Realtor Biography

Real Estate is VERY competitive. How does an agent set themselves apart? To build any successful business, one needs to differentiate. How will you set yourself apart? This video features a bio of Holly Young, a real estate agent in Huntington Beach, CA. 

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