How Does this Work? What is Your Value?

The key here is to build value in the product or service. I can help you find your unique value proposition and tell the story that will resonate with your target customers. My service includes content coaching and video. 

PrePak Products Portfolio

A music-forward approach to telling a brand's unique story. This was created to allow the company to have a visual depiction of what makes them special, something that would work at trade shows, on their website or other Social Media. 

Stageforce Product Demonstration (Vista, CA)

The unique value in this client's product is their use of RFID technology. In this video, potential customers are shown the ease of use and the basics of operation. This visual demonstration has driven a number of new leads for Stageforce.

PrePak Products: Home Ranger Demo

This is the original line of home resistance band therapeutic products. The video helps explain the benefits of this simple but effective innovation in rehabilitation and strength training.

Pitching New Publication

This video features Virginia Rodriguez, Publisher of E.P.I.C., a new magazine for San Diego County. Here she pitches her publication for content and ad support. 


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