You THINK Your Brand is The Promise you Make to People. What REALLY matters is what People Think Abo

Control the message, create your unique story through branding videos that infuse your mission, vision and passion. This is your opportunity to tell people the "Why" about your business (beyond the "What" and "How")

featured video: Carlsbad charitable foundation

This is the new 2019 video celebrating the generosity of CCF members. An affiliate of The San Diego Foundation.

Taking Veterinary Care to the Next Generation

Dr. Brian Evans at Coastal Animal Hospital wanted a Branding Video to help him explain exactly what makes his two locations different from the "old school" vets. This is the first of a 3-part series of videos including Dental and Laparoscopic Spay procedures. We're also doing Video Blogging.

What "IS" a Cat Cafe?

Developing a campaign to raise awareness and then convert to cat adoptions is the key to this video series. The first video (here) is purely explanatory. Further on, we'll explain "Craft" as well as how the "Adoption" process works. 

Carlsbad Educational Foundation

This video was created for "Family Night" kicking off the 2019 school year. Shown in each classroom the night Parents met the Teachers, the purpose was to illustrate (literally) all the things the CEF does for our schools. Clever use of animation, live action and stills combine with interview footage featuring Dr. Ben Churchill, the Superintendent of Carlsbad Unified School District.

Love the Letson  Loft (and Bisbee, AZ)

This 1-minute "commercial" for The Letson Loft Hotel wraps  the town  of Bisbee (a "High Desert" artsy-crafty former mining  town  at 5,000 ft. in the Mule Mountains) around the fully restored Boutique Hotel. This is easily one of my favorite secret getaways in the Southwest!

I Get the "Cat" part, but what is CRAFT?

This 2nd video in a series dives into the creative force at work within Cat & Craft. It's a Cat Lounge but also a highly creative space.  See for yourself in this video.

Small Businesses Deserve Big Quality

Whether you run a small solo-business or are growing to multi-millions in revenue, your story is still worthy of high quality video production. This is the story of Clear Water Landscapes, a growing company in North San Diego County. (Edited in 1:1 aspect ratio for Social Media).

Award Winning Video

Yes, I've won a video award from the Western Association of Chamber Executives, but not for this video. This shows off the win by Legoland in the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce CBAD Awards (Businesses of Achievement and Distinction).

JDog is a Business with a Purpose

This Veteran-owned company not only helps the community and the environment by keeping our unwanted "junk" out of the landfill, they also do wonderful things to help our country's veterans. 

North County Cancer Fitness

Profile of an important fitness program for those who are in Cancer treatment or recovery. A story told through the eyes and words of those who manage and/or participate in this valuable organization in Encinitas.

Branding With a Big Heart

Learn how Victoria Christensen is building a business from the positive energy she gets from her very special son, Luke. Makes you want to support her journey (and business!).

OsteoStrong Carlsbad Grand Opening

The team at OsteoStrong asked for a fast-paced, fun video to celebrate their Grand Opening. Lot's of energy and good times...captured here on video!

Stageforce, Vista CA

Stageforce is an inventory management tool developed by Tori Prince, owner of The Stagency and Transformed To Sell. In this video, Tori explains how this innovation became a successful new business venture.

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