I’m a video marketing expert hired by growing businesses that want to stand out from their competition and make a deeper connection with their customers.  What these businesses want is to make an effective, believable and lasting impression. My work helps potential customers get more interested in doing business with them.  I'm proud to help businesses grow their bottom line, and I have many happy referrals I can share with you.


what makes ryan video different?

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This is Not Your Typical Corporate Video Production Service

"What makes you different?" Great question! That's exactly where I like to start with every video production.

Having spent my entire career in marketing communications, media & advertising, I understand how to create a compelling story with emotional connection to YOUR target audience. From Corporate videos and product testimonials to training and demonstration videos, I know how to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

THE DIFFERENCE? You work with one person during the entire process. This efficient model means you pay only for what you need. Avoid the layers of people and processes (and costs) of Ad Agencies or big Video Production houses. This approach allows me to provide exceptional quality and value.

Importantly, my 20+ years of experience marketing world class B2B and Consumer brands gives you sound strategic input. With 100+ productions, I can help you create effective videos that sizzle and sell. B2B video is different from "commercial" video. It's more targeted and requires a unique approach to the story. 

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Corporate & Branding Stories

What do you want your viewer to understand about your company or product? How is it different or better than the rest? How can you position yourself with a laser focus on the target audience? I can help you create this story from the inside out. The video is just the final step, the proof in the storytelling process.

Ryan Video Productions Video Testimonials

End-User Testimonials

There is no better advocate for your product or service than a satisfied customer. These are unscripted, genuine interviews showing proof of performance. Instant credibility. And they're easy to post via Social Media.

Strategic Messaging: The Key to Effective Video

Chris Ryan Video Productions Business to Business and Corporate video experts

Corporate Videos That Differentiate & Build Value

With more than a dozen years in radio and even more in Marketing Communications, I can help you develop a strategic message. Whether you need a 1-man, run-and-gun video or something a bit more elaborate, our team can handle it. The keys are preparation and experience with a healthy dose of intuition. We listen and respond to your vision with an open mind. This isn't about us and our ego. Our awards. Our creative concept. This is about you...your business. It's about YOUR STORY!

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Satisfied Customers Speak

"Working with Chris Ryan was such a great experience, especially for doing a bio video for my business the very first time.  Listening to his suggestions for authentic content along with the ease of working with him, I was able to convey what I wanted.  His knowledge and experience made doing a bio video feel quite natural. I am more than happy with the work he does and highly recommend working with Chris at Ryan Video Productions for any video work you are looking to do.  He will exceed your expectations!"

                       - Holly Young, Coldwell Banker

I would be happy to provide you with a number of references to make you completely confident that you are working with an experienced, competent professional who fits your needs and your budget.

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Free Initial Consultation

"I've never done this before, where do I start?"  That's our specialty! We can lead you through the Corporate Video storytelling process and neutralize fears or concerns. We do B2B video in San Diego and take a different approach than the big video production companies. B2B businesses can trust our experience and proven process. Our compassionate, empathetic approach can bring your dream clearly into focus.

Proud to be listed as one of America's top video marketing firms.

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